Cremation has become a more accepted choice in society in recent years. The tribute you create to celebrate the life of a loved one can be whatever you want it to be: simple or elaborate, religious or secular; a small, intimate gathering or a community-wide service.

Cremation allows for a variety of services, selections, and unique ways to pay tribute to a loved one. You may desire a funeral, visitation, or memorial service at a church, funeral home chapel or another location before or after the cremation.

Full service cremation offers the family a chance to have a viewing for family and friends who feel the need to have a chance to say goodbye to the deceased. The funeral service is conducted much like a traditional service, with the deceased embalmed, dressed and placed in a purchased casket or a rental casket for viewing and visitation. A funeral service is conducted, but instead of proceeding to the cemetery after the service, the individual is taken to the crematory for cremation.

A memorial service is usually conducted in a church or funeral home chapel. The ceremony is conducted without the body of deceased present. A family can choose to have the urn present, or a picture of the deceased with a memorial candle or flower arrangement positioned in front of the congregation. Scripture, poems and special music are often a part of a memorial service where the deceased is eulogized by clergy and/or friends.

With cremation it is important to choose a final resting place for the cremains. Often times families are unsure what to do with the cremains when they have not chosen a final location. They may be kept in an urn at home or bury them in a cemetery or cremation garden. Many others choose to scatter cremains at a familiar, often sentimental location.

Pre-planning for cremation will allow you and your loved ones to make relaxed, informed decisions and organize documents for your survivors. Discuss your intentions with your family so they may respect and fulfill them. Taking care of things ahead of time will not only give you peace of mind, but relieve your loved ones of this additional impending stress.

Nowadays, it’s very common for a funeral home to offer cremation services. You might not know that cremation and on-site cremation are two very different options. Having an on-site crematory is just another way we guarantee that your loved one’s care is always in reach and near to our hearts.